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Why join Sustainable Style Store?

IT’S FREE                                                                                                                    Selling our website it totally free. There are no set-up fees. We only take a small commission from each sale.

MORE SALES                                                                                              Benefit from other brands reach by joining our website, where you know brands with a similar ethos.

IT’S EASY                                                                                                              Completing our online sellers form will take 5 minutes. If you sell with us, all orders from Sustainable Style Store will appear on your order flow as usual. 


Brands should be:

  • Based in the UK. As a proud British brand, we support brands based across the UK. 
  • Ethical. Fashion and beauty challenges aren’t just about climate change. Products sold on our website must have been made in safe environments that do not endorse slavery, unfair wages or child labour. We will ask you to share factory locations with us. 
  • Conscious about waste. We want to discourage waste so ask that products are shipped virgin plastic-free where possible. We look for products that have considered the environmental, impact from design phase to production.
  • Transparent. We ask brands who appear on our website to be transparent about their values that stand behind their products and their product offerings. We want our customers to ensure our customers know they can trust us and we can empower them with all our expertise.
Sounds good? We'd love to learn about your brand.
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