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About Us

At Sustainable Style, we bring together sustainable beauty and fashion brands from all over the UK.

We believe everyone is can more consciously and that you don’t have to spend the earth to help save it. Our website allows you to shop with various brands that share our ethos without compromising on quality or price.

So what do we stand for?

Although the fashion and beauty industry isn’t solely responsible for climate change challenges, as the world’s biggest and most impactful industries, both have a pretty critical and challenging role to play in protecting the future of our planet. But there is also opportunity to make changes, putting environmental, social and ethical improvements in place to create flourishing communities, ecosystems and help change consumer habits and choices.

At Sustainable Style, we work with brands from the UK who share these values, without compromising on quality, ethics or prices.

The Team

Hi! I’m Clare, Founder of Sustainable Style. I’m also a “recovering hypocrite”. I’ve always been conscious of helping the planet; washing my recycling before putting it out for collection, taking my clothes to alteration shops rather than chucking them, but I also shopped at the weekends not giving it a second thought..…. sound familiar?

Then maternity leave forced my hand and I had to give up my favourite vice – shopping – and I started to look at fashion and beauty differently too. Relying on only my partner’s income meant I started to dig out clothes I hadn’t worn for a while, and finally got around to fixing garments myself. I didn’t bother with make up or have the time to beautify myself like I used to, so it actually gave me a new perspective on how much I owned and really used!

Then during the coronavirus pandemic, I couldn’t event hunt around the charity shops for bargains (this became my new favourite hobby!). So like most of the world, I went online. But it wasn’t always easy to find a site where I knew everything was sustainable without compromising on quality and price. I could find individual fashion and beauty brands, but not a one-stop-shop like this one. I also began to see effects of coronavirus on the economy and thought how can I use the business to help? And that’s how Sustainable Style was created!

I wanted to give everyone the chance to not only shop eco-friendly, but as the economy declined, help independent British brands too. Having studied Fashion and Sustainability with the London College of Fashion, I also want to shine a light on the impact of our fashion and beauty purchases and share some tips on the site too; check out of blog for some interesting reading. 



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