Common laundry problems!

Here are some common laundry problems and tips on how you can avoid them!

Poor stain removal results

  • A possible cause is not treating your stains quickly enough. Any stain is more like to be removed entirely if it is soaked in cold or warm water (depending on the stain) before it has time to set.

Detergent Residues

  • This is likely if your washing machine is overloaded. Leave a hand’s width of space between the wash load and the top of the drum. Leave a hands width of space between the wash and the top of the drum.

Colour related issues

  • Colours can bleed if the wash temperature is too hot. Sometimes dyes can bleed even in very cold water. Issues can also occur if you’re not washing sorting correctly. Always check the fabric care label for the manufacturer’s washing recommendations.

Bobbling and fading

  • This occurs when cotton or cotton rich garments are washed and worn repeatedly the friction causes fibres to break, leaving ‘bubbles’ on the surface. Turning woollens and sweatshirts inside-out helps to prevent piling.

Lack of softness

  • Overfilling fabric conditioner beyond the ‘maximum’ indicator is usually a reason for this. Never fill beyond the ‘maximum’ indicator. If you do, this triggers the immediate release if the fabric conditioner, which means it will interfere with how well the detergent cleans. As a result, you won’t get any of the benefits of using a fabric conditioner.

Removal of odours

  • Dirt removed from clothes can remain inside the washing machine creating an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Carry out regular hot maintenance washes every 4-6 weeks (60-90 degrees) recommended without clothes and the bleach-containing detergent.

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